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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, like many I was moved to work from home. It came at a time when I was already on the cusp of making big life changes.


At the end of 2018 I competed in my first bike race, I'd done some triathlon & running prior to this but this was my first go at stand alone cycling. Although I was about 40lbs (18kg) heavier than I wanted to be, and not close to being fit enough, I'd fallen in love with Mountain Biking. As I entered 2020 I wanted to see what would happen if I went all in and gave it everything I had. 
So I imagined the person & the athlete I aspired to be...what would that version of myself do each day? How would it differ from what I do now? 



Through a lot of trial and error I found a system that worked and it's still working. I dropped the 40lbs (18kg) that wasn't serving me and got fitter than I'd ever been. What I think shows that this system works is that I've not gained any of the weight back and I continue to push my fitness & strength to new levels. 

A year on its still working!


 That’s the system I want to share and I hope you find this guide to be a great starting point. You'll find that I also share other components of this system on my podcast ARO Wellness Wednesday and my blog posts but I made this specifically to start others  on this system of building healthful habits. 

This is not a diet, far from it. Thats actually what worked so well. I didn't diet or I didn't view it as a diet. I used an asset building approach where I added healthful behaviors and established them as habits. The weight loss was just a byproduct of building habits that improved my health, strength & confidence. 


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