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My area of speciality is coaching women, specifically for off road cycling & triathlon. I have athletes who race mountain bikes, gravel, cyclocross, and triathlon at various distances. I use a more holistic approach than most and combine my deep knowledge of exercise physiology with wellness coaching. My coaching clients should expect training plans from me that are grounded in up to date, scientific principles. I also encourage athletes to meet with me for weekly or fortnightly zoom calls where we set lifestyle goals that compliment training. My husband and partner in coaching, Adam Ruszkowski, is an endurance coach as well as a physical therapist, and strength and conditioning coach. Athletes working with me get the added bonus of strength and conditioning workouts set by Adam. All coaching is virtual, so I accept athletes from anywhere in the world.


Whats included with coaching?​

  • An individual daily training plan delivered through the website/app Training Peaks. Training plans are updated weekly.

  • training plan that ensures you peak for your goal event, if applicable.

  • Weekly zoom meetings to discuss training, set goals and talk through progress.

  • Ongoing accountability and interaction.

  • Health & wellness coaching.

  • Improvement in your fitness, strength and confidence.  

  • A coach/athlete relationship that built on trust and respect.


  • MSc in Health Education, Ithaca College

  • BSc in Sports and Exercise Physiology, University of Central Lancashire

  • Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)

  • Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

  • Level 3 USA Cycling Coach

  • Level 3 Coaching Certification in Show Jumping

  • Level 1 Coaching Certification in Swimming

  • Level 1 Coaching Certification in Basketball 

  • Level 1 Coaching Certification in Netball

  • Les Mills Bodypump Instructor

  • Level 1 TRX Instructor


What equipment do I need?

At a minimum you really need a bike, a heart rate monitor and some means to record workouts. Many athletes record indoor workouts through Zwift and so don't necessarily need a bike computer or fitness watch at first. Your workouts will be set using power, if you have a power meter or a bike trainer that measures power (like a Kickr Trainer). If you don't have a way to measure power, then your workouts will be set using heart rate. If you are training for a race and want to give yourself the best shot at being as fast as you can be then I recommend you have power.

Do I need to be training towards a race or can I just be coached to get faster or fitter on the bike?

You definitely don't need to have a race that you're training for. It's often more effective to train with set goals in mind though, even if they're not a race. These goals keep you focused and motivated. One of the perks of coaching is that it includes wellness or lifestyle coaching. That means you'll work to set goals that are important to you as we go through the training process. 

Mountain Bike

How many days will I train/workout per week?

This one is up to you. Most athletes have one or two non-cycling days a week, but if you want to include a little more cross training, maybe including some running or swimming we can do that too. 

What about strength work?

Strength workouts are included with coaching. Workouts are all designed specifically for you so exactly what strength work you are set will depend on what equipment you have available, your experience level and your goals. 

What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund?

You have 30 days from sign up to get a refund for the first month. I want you to be happy and so if you decide its not for you within the first 30 days then you can have a full refund.

Do I have to commit to a set amount of time?

You pay monthly and can cancel at any time. With the exception of the first 30 day money back guarantee (explained above), you won't be refunded if you decide to cancel half way through a month. So if you are billed on the 1st of the month, and you decide to cancel on the 15th, you'll get workouts set to the end of that month.


Can I set up a consultation/meeting prior to signing up for coaching?

Absolutely. Just fill in this form and we'll schedule a call to talk. 

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