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"Women deserve to be unapologetically fierce, to have big goals and deep reservoirs of self confidence. This is what cycling has given me"

Nicky Ruszkowski

My Story

Mine is a story of two sports, show jumping and mountain biking. My first sport and passion was show jumping and that consumed my teenage years into my twenties. At ages 13 I have a gold medal and had competed on national teams twice. At ages 16 I left school to ride professionally. After many highs, lows, national titles, and everything in between, I left professional show jumping to teach full time. 

Fast forward into my thirties and I knew I was missing something, my extreme competitive drive was lying dormant as I went about completing my graduate education. I initially started running, build up a fitness base and ran a few marathons. As many do I expanded the running into triathlon and one the course of about triathlonI found mountain biking, or it found me. It completely fits as the perfect sport to utilize a lot of those showjumping skills but gives me the freedom that show jumping did not. As we enter 2021, I've set crazy ambitious goals. I have two A races in my sights, Trans-Sylvania Epic 5 Day Stage Race and Marji Gesick 100 mile Mountain Bike Race. This will be a great year. 


I have a 10 minute podcast, available on all podcast platforms called ARO Wellness Wednesday. Each week we explore a small addition to your day that could improve your health, wellness or recovery form training & exercise. 


I'm a certified coach in a range of different sports but my area of speciality is coaching female cyclists. I am currently accepting new coaching clients.


I have a personal blog where I document training and racing progress and challenges, as well as my life and experiences along the way. 


I have a passion for teaching and a passion for exercise physiology. So I write simple, concise articles on exploring various topics relating to sports science & cycling.


I compete in endurance mountain biking, gravel and cyclocross. I'm also currently seeking new sponsors to assist with racing & training. 


My primary focus is racing mountain bikes, especially over endurance and ultra endurance distance. However I also have two seasons of racing cyclocross and gravel. 


This year I have three major races that are the focus of my year. 

  •  Trans-Sylvania Epic 5 Day Stage Race which runs from May 25th - 29th. 

  • Marji Gesick 100 mile mountain bike race in September in Marquette, Michigan.

  • Iceman Cometh Mountain Bike Race in November.

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